MPH / TMNT 30th / INVINCIBLE [Reviews]: Ch-ch-ch-Changes!

MPH / TMNT 30th / INVINCIBLE [Reviews]: Ch-ch-ch-Changes!
Hey all you bare-knuckle comic book brawlers! It’s about to be another epic bout of Fistful of Comics here in the ring at the Congregation of Cool. We bring more prizefighting, no-holds-barred, bare-knuckle reviews of this weeks new releases. So, if any of you weak-chinned motherf***ers didn’t throw down your gloves at your local comics …

The [Bat Week]ly Worship: Gotham’s Latest Reckoning!

The [Bat Week]ly Worship: Gotham's Latest Reckoning!
Anyone else go back, read some old Batman (or Secret Six) tales and think of Tom Hardy's intoxicatingly muffled parlance when reading Bane's dialogue? Didn't think so. Well, try it! It's more fun this way, if you dare. We last saw Bane heading to Arkham in a Gotham PD paddywagon after Six scribe Gail Simone sent (forced, perhaps) the rest …
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