THE BIBLE OF ‘BOND, JAMES BOND’ [BelserVerse, Part 11]: The 21st Century Bond.

THE BIBLE OF 'BOND, JAMES BOND' [BelserVerse, Part 11]: The 21st Century Bond.
And now.. the conclusion... Over these eleven chapters, we have gone over many different aspects of this fantastic character that been around for over 50 years. To close this series out, we will talk about the current custodian of the James Bond role: Daniel Craig. DANIEL CRAIG Tenure as Bond: 2005–present In 2005, Craig …

SPECTRE [Spy vs. Spy Review]: Fourth Time’s the Charm (?)

SPECTRE [Spy vs. Spy Review]: Fourth Time's the Charm (?)
SPECTRE is the latest James Bond film, the fourth featuring leading man Daniel Craig, and while it opens with a great opening scene, it is undercut by several curious character decisions, and an editing process that oddly drains its multitude of action scenes of any energy... The film starts promisingly enough, with Bond off on his …
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