NIER REPLICANT VER. 1.22474487139… [Review]: NieRly Good.

NIER REPLICANT VER. 1.22474487139... [Review]: NieRly Good.
My first entry into the NieR series was with NieR Automata. The cerebral impact Automata had on me, made me extremely curious about the events prior. Thankfully the original NieR game (named differently per region) came out as a remake called NieR Replicant Ver.1.22474487139...  Why the long number? I don’t know because...Yoko Taro. Honestly, my explanation for nearly everything that happens in …

BLACK PANTHER [Review]: Watch The Throne.

BLACK PANTHER [Review]: Watch The Throne.
So far the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had billionaire idealists, super soldiers, wizards, demons, and Gods. Now, they have their King; but is he righteously deserving of his crown? Black Panther has a lot riding on its shoulders as, unfortunately, one of the few sources of diversity in the bigger blockbuster superhero movies of …
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