A TOY KINDA MOOD [Episode 47]: A Todd (McFarlane) Kinda Mood.

Well, in what can only be described as a quick drop, the maestro himself, Todd McFarlane dropped a few figures for preorder over at GameStop! https://youtu.be/egS3eSTtJSo McFarlane Day 2021 showcased Warhammer 40K, The Joker from Batman's The Three Jokers storyline, two variants of Swamp Thing and a figure from the new The Witcher line.

BATMAN – THE THREE JOKERS [Review]: Three’s Company.

Taking a bit of a breather between introducing the concept, and completing the meta-narrative Doomsday Clock, writer Geoff Johns' first issue of Three Jokers has finally hit shelves. As he had done with Doomsday Clock, Johns is balancing a few different narrative threads while simultaneously offering a meta-textual exploration of Gotham's Clown Prince Of Crime. …