A Toy Kinda Mood (Episode 167) – Casting GIJoe Movies & TV w/ A Punk With Toys!

On Episode 167, it’s an ATKM x APWT crossover as A Toy Kinda Mood invites A Punk With Toys on the casting couch to pick their favs for the next G.I. Joe movies and TV! The crew will discuss what it will take to get Hollywood to shake the stigma of the G.I. Joe franchise, and who we NEED to see in the now official Transformers x Joe crossover movie! We’ll also discuss future Paramount+ Joe TV show opportunities, what we want to see in the next animation series, possible Skybound/Energon Universe adaptations and more (the HMS is shipping!). #GIJoe #GIJoeClassified #GIJoeMovie


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