A TOY (Pre-Order) KINDA MOOD [Moody List]: Action Figure Release Dates.

Travis Moody

Tell me, fellow toy-heads, you’re probably wondering how many damned action figure pre-orders you’ve placed, right? Worse, you’re probably wondering how much you’ve got evaporating your bank account to ash for the next.. oh.. 8-9.. years.. amiright?

Well, this personal list of Moody pre-orders might just help–you cry. But it might otherwise help your realize how many toys you’ve got landing on your porch on the following particular promised days, weeks, and months. As per usual, even in a.. sorta kinda maybe post-COVID world.. expect a ton of shipping and factory production delays, which should change many of these dates and may very well be a blessing to your wallet.

Do note: The following list only contains the action figures yours truly has pre-ordered. There are plenty of Hasbro, Mattel, Mezco, S.H. Figuarts, MAFEX, McFarlane figs (etc. etc.) that are not dated here. I also don’t collect NECA TMNT, only (right now) cherry-picking Super7 Thundercats (and with those severe delays, I ain’t mad at it) and MOTU Origins. Why? Because my roommate collects them, and I can save hundreds (or more) just appreciating his collection from not too afar. There are also toys I want to see in-hand, in-person, even if I know fully damned well the odds of seeing those next few AEW Unrivaled/Unmatched waves in the flesh at Walmart are even more unlikely than seeing Mox lose a match on Dark. Oh, well.


-Oct – Big Bad Toy StoreUltra Street Fighter IV Evil Ryu (Storm Collectibles)

-Oct – WalmartStar Wars: The Bad Batch Imperial Crosshair (Hasbro – Black Series)

-Oct – WalmartStar Wars: The Bad Batch Clone Captain Rex (Hasbro – Black Series)

-Oct 5th – AmazonTransformers Voyager Tigatron (Hasbro – War For Cybertron Kingdom)

-Oct – TargetStar Wars: Rogue One Galen Erso (Hasbro – Black Series)

-Oct – TargetStar Wars: Rogue One Antoc Merrick (Hasbro – Black Series)

-Oct 8th – AmazonMOTU Revelation Teela (Mattel – Masterverse)

-Oct 14th – WalmartAEW Unmatched Sting (Jazwares)

-Oct 15th – TargetStar Wars Archive Princess Leia Organa (Hasbro – Black Series)

-Oct 17 – GameStopStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Zaalbar (Hasbro – Black Series)

-Oct 19th – AmazonTransformers Deluxe Gnaw (Hasbro – Studio Series 86)

-Oct 27 – WalmartStar Wars: The Bad Batch Imperial Clone Shock Trooper (Hasbro – Black Series)

-Oct 27th – WalmartStar Wars: The Bad Batch Vice Admiral Rampart (Hasbro – Black Series)

-Oct 29th – AmazonMOTU Revelation Spikor (Mattel – Masterverse)

-Oct 31st – HobbyLink JapanThe Suicide Squad Harley Quinn (Bandai – S.H. Figuarts)

-Oct 31st – HobbyLink JapanAvengers Endgame Iron Man Mark 85 (Medicom – MAFEX)



-Nov – Good SmileFigma Jin Sakai (GSC – Ghost of Tsushima)

-Nov – Entertainment EarthAlien vs. Predator Alien Movie What If (NECA)

-4th Quarter (Nov-Dec) – BigBadToyStoreMortal Kombat 2 VS Series Kung Lao (Storm Collectibles)

-4th Quarter (Nov-Dec) – BBTS – Marvel Wolverine Deluxe Steel Box Edition (Mezco – One:12 Collective)

-Nov 1st – Hasbro PulseMarvel Vintage Web-Man (Hasbro – Marvel Legends)

-Nov 1st – BBTSMarvel Comics 80th Anniversary Deadpool (Hasbro – Marvel Legends)

-Nov 1st – Hasbro PulseStar Wars: Rogue One Bodhi Rook, Jyn Erso, Captain Cassian Andor, Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus (Hasbro – Black Series)

-Nov 3rd – AmazonWWE Ultimate Edition Fan Takeover Ultimate Warrior (Mattel)

-Nov 3rd – TargetG.I. Joe Barbecue (Hasbro – Classified)

-Nov 3rd – AmazonX-Men AoA Sabretooth (Hasbro – Marvel Legends)

-Nov 8th – TargetG.I. Joe Snake Eyes Movie Akiko (Hasbro – Classified)

-Nov 8th – TargetG.I. Joe Snake Eyes Movie Scarlet (Hasbro – Classified)



-Dec 6th –GameStop – 2 Star Wars: The Clone Wars 501st Legion Clone Trooper (Hasbro – Black Series)

-Dec 27th – GameStopStar Wars Gaming Greats Republic Commando RC-1138 Boss (Hasbro – Black Series)

-Dec 27th – GameStopStar Wars Gaming Greats Battlefront II Jet Trooper (Hasbro – Black Series)

-4th Quarter/1st Quarter (Dec-Feb) – MezcoToyzSpider-Man 2099 (Mezco – One:12 Collective)


-1st Quarter (Jan-March) – Hasbro PulseStar Wars The Mandalorian Razor Crest (Hasbro – The Vintage Collection)

-1st Quarter (Jan-March) – BBTS – G.I. Joe Destro (Mezco – One:12 Collective)

-1st Quarter (Jan-March) – MezcoToyzZack Snyder’s Justice League Deluxe Steel Boxed Set (Mezco – One:12 Collective)

-Jan – Big Bad Toy StoreMortal Kombat VS Reptile (Storm Collectibles)

-Jan 1st – PulseExcalibur Multipack (Hasbro – Marvel Legends)

-Jan 1st – PulseSkrull Trooper Pack (Hasbro – Marvel Legends)

-Jan 1st – PulseS.H.I.E.L.D Agent Trooper 2-Pack (Hasbro – Marvel Legends)

-Jan 5th – AmazonTransformers Deluxe Slammer (Hasbro – War For Cybertron Kingdom)

-Jan 5th – AmazonTransformers Deluxe Pipes (Hasbro – War For Cybertron Kingdom)

-Jan 15th – GameStopStar Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Nightbrother Warrior (Hasbro – Black Series)

-Feb – Entertainment EarthTekken 7 King (Storm Collectibles)

-Feb 3rd – AmazonWWE Ultimate Edition Fan Takeover Triple H (Mattel)

-March – Entertainment EarthStar Wars The Mandalorian Ronin Mandalorian & Grogu Beskar Armor (Bandai – Tamashii Nations)

-March 1st – Hasbro PulseHand Ninja Trooper Pack (Hasbro – Marvel Legends)

-March 3rd – AmazonTransformers Golden Disc Collection Road Ranger & Puffer, Jackpot w/ Sights, Mutant Tigatron, Terrorsaur (Hasbro – War For Cybertron)

-April – WalmartStar Wars: Clone Wars Micro-series General Grievous (Hasbro – Black Series)

-April – WalmartStar Wars: Clone Wars Micro-series Mace Windu (Hasbro – Black Series)

-April – WalmartStar Wars: Clone Wars Micro-series ARC Trooper (Hasbro – Black Series)

-April 5th – AmazonRetro Collection Hobogoblin (Hasbro – Marvel Legends)

-April 5th – AmazonRetro Collection Ben Reilly (Hasbro – Marvel Legends)

-April 5th – AmazonRetro Collection Symbiote Spider-Man (Hasbro – Marvel Legends)

-April 5th – AmazonTransformers Deluxe Perceptor (Hasbro – Studio Series 86)

-May 4th – TargetStar Wars Droids Boba Fett (Hasbro – Black Series)

-May 4th – AmazonStar Wars Lucasfilm 50th George Lucas in Stormtrooper Disguise (Hasbro – Black Series)

-2nd Quarter (May-July) – MezcoToyzG.I. Joe Roadblock (Mezco – One:12 Collective)

-July – BBTSDC Comics Superman: Man of Steel Edition (Mezco – One:12 Collective)

-Aug – Entertainment EarthCyborg Superman: Return of Superman (Medicom – MAFEX)

-Aug 3rd – AmazonWWE Ultimate Edition Hulk Hogan (Mattel)

-3rd Quarter (September- ) – Super7G.I. Joe Ultimates Cobra Commander, Duke, Cobra B.A.T., Snake Eyes

And, of course, this list will CONSTANTLY update… fml…

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