COMIC-CON WRAP-UP SHOW [SDCC 2018]: Aquaman vs. Shazam!

COMIC-CON WRAP-UP SHOW [SDCC 2018]: Aquaman vs. Shazam!Now that was a hell of a Comic-Con. Despite the absence of Marvel Studios and Star Wars films, there was plenty of geek to love and enjoy at this year’s SDCC. And GodHatesGeeks had the pleasure to share geekspace with The Geekdom Fancast to present this hella hungover, hella hotel check-out rushed but hella FUN (and we hope hella informative) Comic-Con 2018 Wrap-Up Show!

COMIC-CON WRAP-UP SHOW [SDCC 2018]: Aquaman vs. Shazam!

Here, “Brother” Myke Ladiona and “Divine” Derek Vigeant trade barbs — and Hall H WB/DC preferences — with the likes of GHG’s “Pastor” Kevin Palma, “Sister” Jenn Casals and yours truly, “Monsignor” Travis Moody

Or click HERE if you prefer a direct download of the SDCC podcast. We got chu.

Let us know at @GeekdomFancast what WB trailer you preferred (AQUAMAN v. SHAZAM!), what announcements pumped you up from the Con and what panels we missed or overlooked. Heck. We can take the criticism.

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