GEEKDOM GAMESCAST [Episode 33]: Agent Double 0 47.

Welcome to the World of Assassination, Gamescast listeners. Your target is Hitman 3​, the third in the latest trilogy in the storied Hitman franchise. As per usual, Brother Myke will be briefing you in a non-spoiler discussion of Agent 47’s latest deadly, yet silly, exploits, but he will not be alone…

Joining the presentation are Agents Artez Bailey and Dave Beaudrie. You will be soon be well informed about their feelings about this Hitman trilogy in general, the latest installment, and all their favorite levels and creative kills. Of course, they will also provide intel of their feelings about IOI taking on James Bond next — and how Hitman is the best case any developer has made that they’re right to tackle 007. We will leave you to prepare… and watch.

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