GEEKDOM GAMESCAST [Episode 35]: It’s Hip To Be Square (Enix).

For the first time together in a while, Brother Myke and Monsignor Moody reunite to talk about Square Enix​’s first ever “Presents” direct video conference. Even though we’re months away from the beginning of the #E3​ Summer season, they still had a lot to show from games that are going to come out soon, with some getting updates right now!

If you want to skip ahead to hear about a particular game fast forward to the times

Outriders​ – 3:35​
Tomb​ Raider 25th Anniversary – 7:45​
Marvel​’s Avengers (Hawkeye​: Future​ Imperfect & War of Wakanda​) – 13:35​
Balan Wonderland​ – 24:00​
Life is Strange​: True Colors​ – 24:58​
Project Athia​ (Forspoken) – 27:42​
Assassin’s Creed​ Valhalla​ – 35:20​
Hades​ – 40:15​
Persona​ 5 Strikers – 43:25​

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