NXT TAKEOVER – BROOKLYN IV [The Sean & Shawn Show]: #DIYes! Yes! Yes!

NXT TAKEOVER - BROOKLYN IV [The Sean & Shawn Show]: #DIYes! Yes! Yes!

“FATHER” SEAN FARRELL: Like a bad habit or that rash that just won’t quit, it’s The Sean & Shawn Show!

“PASTOR” SHAWN PUFF: Good one. I would have gone with, “you thought we were gone but we’re back like herpes”, but yours works better.

NXT TAKEOVER - BROOKLYN IV [The Sean & Shawn Show]: #DIYes! Yes! Yes!

SEAN: It’s time for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn THREE!

SHAWN: Well, four, but we’ve been on hiatus so who’s counting, right?

SEAN: Once again the Barclay Center will be home to yet another fantastic NXT event! Five matches to twist your mind and break your heart!

NXT TAKEOVER - BROOKLYN IV [The Sean & Shawn Show]: #DIYes! Yes! Yes!
EC3 v Velveteen Dream

SEAN: Man y’all know I love me some EC3. His promos, his story, his comeback, that Buff Bagwell-esque Blockbuster. His whole gimmick just works for me. Always has. So far in this feud he’s gotten the upper hand on Dream at every turn, so naturally that means he’s going to lose. Right ? Weeellll not necessarily. This is Hunter’s world, not Vince’s Paint-By-Numbers. Velveteen Dream has a track record of great matches especially at TakeOvers. It’s only a matter of time before Dream has NXT gold around his waist (covering that fanny pack!) This feud started way back at TakeOver London when Dream walked out on the Top 1%. It’s been a slow build that has reached its boiling point. Dream needs the win here, but I think EC3 will get the victory.

SHAWN: I agree with you on a bunch of things. EC3 is the man. Velveteen will have gold around his waist soon. The dream needs this win– but I guess that’s it. If you’re going to build him to either fight Ricochet for the North American Championship or even throw him in the NXT Championship picture, the Dream cannot lose. But let’s be real; EC3 is not really a Carter and he’s not really a one percenter. He’s living in a dream world and at TakeOver Brooklyn, it’s going to be dream over. The Velveteen Dream is winning this one

NXT TAKEOVER - BROOKLYN IV [The Sean & Shawn Show]: #DIYes! Yes! Yes!
NXT Tag Team Championship
The Undisputed Era (c) v Mustache Mountain

SEAN: Yanno, every match on this show has the potential to steal the show. This match alone has four, count them four in-ring mechanics that will more than likely put on a wrestling clinic. Trent Seven and Tyler Bate were robbed due to the typical TUE shenanigans, where here I’m hoping they finally backfire and the TUE gets what’s coming to them. I just don’t dig this version of reDra….eeerrr Undisputed Era. Roddy Strong is a placeholder who went with the old adage “if you can’t beat them, join them!” And it’s only a matter of time before they turn on Roddy and kick him to the curb. This may be the beginning of the end of Roddy’s time in TUE.

SHAWN: Has it been that long that we can’t seem to agree on anything? The Undisputed Era is the real deal. Yes, Roddy is kind of holding a spot right now but he’s kind of the man. There’s a part of me that thinks the UE could be going to the main roster soon. I just think all four of them are going when it happens. On the other side of things, Mustache Mountain will more than likely be NXT UK Tag Champions very soon. So I don’t see a point in giving them with a belts here. I think we’ve also got a little bit of time left before TUE gets called up (at least until Bobby Fish comes back from injury) so I don’t think we’re going to see those belts go anywhere but home with O’Reilly & Strong.

NXT TAKEOVER - BROOKLYN IV [The Sean & Shawn Show]: #DIYes! Yes! Yes!
NXT North American Championship
Adam Cole (c) v Ricochet

SEAN: Speaking of the beginning of the end, I’d love to see Ricochet capture the title here. Adam Cole is a solid hand who’s been stuck in neutral since he got the belt. Cole needs to move up to the NXT Title where Ricochet can do his gymnastics routine and dazzle you with weekly title defenses showing off that he’s the one and only guy who does more flips and jumps than David Lee Roth after an eightball. Ring psychology vs twisting tope con hilos? This match will be the showstealer for sure.

SHAWN: Finally we’re on the same page here. I was beginning to wonder who you were. I am looking forward to this match more than anyone on the card: I love Ricochet and Adam Cole Bay Bay! I agree that this one is going to steal the show and that it’s time for Cole to move on to the main title on this brand. So leave the twisting to Ricochet because he is walking out of Brooklyn your new NXT North American champion

NXT TAKEOVER - BROOKLYN IV [The Sean & Shawn Show]: #DIYes! Yes! Yes!
NXT Women’s Championship
Shayna Baszler (c) v Kairi Sane

SEAN: Shayna has one major loss on her record, and that’s to the Pirate Princess Kairi at the inaugural MYC finale. The build to this match has been great. Shayna being the bully, with Kairi never backing down or flinching. Shayna said Kairi didn’t have the killer instinct; Sane answers back by showing just how vicious she can be — chokeholds and teardrop elbow drops aplenty! There will be no parlay for Kairi. She’ll lose this rubber match so we can get the final at Evolution perhaps?

SHAWN: Eh… I don’t really care for Kairi. Yes, she does have the best elbow drop in the business but that’s about where it ends for me. She is just too bad on the mic and her movements are too robotic for me. I know this will be a great match but I’ll be angry if Sane gets her armed raised. Baszler will retain.

NXT TAKEOVER - BROOKLYN IV [The Sean & Shawn Show]: #DIYes! Yes! Yes!
NXT Championship Last Man Standing Match
Tommaso Ciampa (c) v Johnny Gargano

SEAN: I wish we had more rest time with this feud, but with Aleister Black going down with an injury (was it Lars? Or perhaps Mr Riddle himself? He should be making his Crowd Cameo sometime this weekend) they had to give us the next chapter in the Tommaso v Johnny. These two always go balls to the wall, but this time.. with the belt on the line? It’s gonna be vicious. Can Johnny keep his head long enough to finally beat Tommaso? Or will The Sicilian Nightmare Walking is going to put Johnny Wrestling down once again? Hoping for no outside interference from wives or debuting stars. Give us wrestling. This, this is NXT.

SHAWN: I’m giddy for this one; it’s gonna be great. These two never fail to produce, and I expect a vicious brawl. No interference? What world do you reside in? Remember, there’s no rules in a Last Man Standing match. Hell, girlfriends, enemies, frenemies, Keith Lee.. Matt Riddle.. they can all get involved for all I care. This will get crazy. I guess that’s par for this course though; an unsanctioned match, a street fight and now.. this: a should-be final chapter in what has been a tremendous feud. It’s payoff time, people. As much as I hate him and that ridiculously girly entrance music, Johnny Wrestling will leave the Barclays as the new NXT Champion.

-Sean Farrell & Shaw Puff

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