RINGSIDE APOSTLES [Season 2, Episode 1]: Brooklyn Go Hard!

On Sunday night, we went for the “TrifectaMania”.

Between the awe-inspiring moments of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, and WWE SummerSlam 2015 — and, naturally, our WWE 2K16 preview — the Ringside Apostles just had to go hard on this one. Join the likes of your host, the “Bishop” Richard Zom, “Monsignor” Travis Moody, and last, but certainly not least, “Saint SuperKick” Kenny Sanders, who sadly performed his last in-studio show with us–at least for the time being…

But there wasn’t a better way to give Kenny a proper send-off than with our latest show; the first official show of our new wrestling season. Cheers to new beginnings and sad ends. Between the epic NXT Women’s Title match that helped changed the face of Women’s wresting forever; to our rundown of the most-anticipated wrestling video game of all time; to the night that was both Undertaker — and John Stewart’s??? — revenge.

All is bittersweet, my friends. We hope you enjoy!

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