SLEEPY HOLLOW [PaleyFest ’14]: Prepare for more Dead Rising.

The cast and creative team of FOX’s hit supernatural series Sleepy Hollow made their PaleyFest debut on Wed. night at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Joining our amped-up crowd were stars Nicole Beharie (42), Orlando Jones (Drumline), John Cho (Harold & Kumar), Lyndie Greenwood (Nikita), and Tom Mison (One Day), and executive producers Mark Goffman (Elementary), Roberto Orci (Transformers), Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek), Heather Kadin, and Len Wiseman (Underworld). So let’s get you some answers for Season 2!

Would I play Human Torch?
Wh– would I play Human Torch?

First and perhaps foremost, will fans witness a return of Andy Brooks (John Cho) next season? “One of the great things about Sleepy Hollow is you can be dead but that doesn’t mean you’re gone,” Goffman danced. Alrighty. A typical answer, but at least Goffman continued with some good character news. “We have some supernatural characters and some real ones coming. With Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) incarcerated we have to figure out who’s going to be in charge of the law and order of Sleepy Hollow.”

“There are a lot of amazing foot soldiers coming,” adds Orci. Also confirmed is that John Noble will return as Henry Parish/Second Horseman War! Thank Moloch, because I can’t imagine the season without him. Wiseman caps off this news with a far bigger, more riveting question of conflict. “As evil as he is, it’s still their son. At the end of it, can you kill your own son?”

Now that Katrina (Katia Winter) seems to be back in the present world, how is this going to affect the relationship between Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) and Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison)? “We love that (Abbie and Ichabod) is this relationship built on distrust at first and then eventually trust. It’s really a friendship,” says Kadin. “I think people see what they want to see and what they want to become from the two of them, adds Beharie. “I had never heard of ‘shipping.’”

And we’re just as shocked “Ichabod” knew of search engines. “I had to Google [the term]. It’s a good thing, apparently!” Oh, Tom. Now how can you blame the crowd for seeing and wanting something with charm like that? And, more importantly, will Ichabod ever get himself some modern attire? “Absolutely not. It’s part of his character. His character is the type that will not change or conform,” door-slammed Goffman about our politely arrogant hero.

An audience question then brings up whether we’ll ever receive any more detailed back stories about any other characters. “Every person on here has a rich back story that we’re going to get to see. That’s absolutely in store for Season 2,” Goff replies. Now while that’s great and all — just to be clear — I can do without anymore scenes of Abbie and Corbin (Clancy Brown) eating pie. “There is so much hope in this show to get past the apocalypse and that’s what they’re fighting for. They’ll battle it all season long.”

...And this was HOURS after playing Titanfall!
…And this was HOURS after playing Forza, you see…

Look, kids. The Divine one has to admit that when the idea of this show came out, I was hesitant to embrace it; but now I’m definitely glad that Sleepy Hollow is neither very “sleepy” or “hollow” and it indeed has some fun storytelling with an extensive and rich mythology. But were the creators completely confident when they started too?

“There wasn’t anything like it on television. So we thought ‘Why isn’t there nothing like this?’ Yes, we knew it in the beginning, but once we got in the rhythm we didn’t think about it anymore,” Kurtzman says. And obviously they have nothing to worry about anymore, either.

Get ready for more heads to roll this Fall wth Sleepy Hollow’s Season 2 on FOX.

(Pictures courtesy of our pal BookToBigScreen.)

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