WONDER WOMAN 1984 #1 – DC Comics
Destiny “Evangelical” Edwards

With just a couple of months left before the release of the second Wonder Woman film, DC dropped this tie-in. The theme of the comic? Kids. We start with a fun tale written by Anna Obropta and Louise Simonson entitled “Museum Madness.” In it, three teenagers spend detention at the museum with Diana when some thieves decide to steal a diamond and take few hostages.

Bret Blevins’ character designs are peak ’80s and fit the tone of the story well. It was an enjoyable read. Less enjoyable was the backup story “Wolf Cubs,” in which a group of kids steal Wondy’s Lasso of Truth so they can use it to take down the Wall Street assholes who look down on their parents. It was.. meh. I will admit that I did chuckle a bit at Steve Trevor falling down a hole and again at the end when he and Diana agree to never speak of that day again. 3.25/5 Teens With Samurai Swords.

-Destiny Edwards

JUGGERNAUT #1 – Marvel Comics
Rob Deep Maldonado

I was hoping to tear into this book or prop it up, but my middle three Bibles are justified. I wanted to read some Fabian Nicieza since his OG New Mutants, X Force, and Deadpool days. No old fart can forget his X Force crossover storyline with Spiderman with the horizontal art.

OK.. so.. I forgot the story but we all remember the art. But Nicieza played a pivotal roll in bringing Ryan Reynolds a comic book character he could play in a movie. I always loved Juggernaut as a heel beating Colossus, fighting the Hulk, taking bumps from Thor only to get taken out by Kitty Pryde. Speaking of fighting Colossus, Ron Garney really tips his hat to John Romita JR, with his pencils in this book. Ron Garney’s nostalgic JRJR feel really won me over. The storyline is clever as he unwittingly finds someone who can stop Juggernaut by…. no spoilers.

Having just read and reviewed Immortal Hulk #0, I was happy to see the the Tree at the Crossroads make another appearance. The story isn’t too complicated and quite succinct. It leaves us with questions about how Juggs re-acquired his power. I was disappointed because I thought the book would play a role in the prequel to X of Swords since it was listed in the X books. It left me hanging on that.

I do want to read Juggernaut issue 2 and I hope they don’t skip the fight scenes like in Aaron’s Thor book with the recycled hammers. This book had action and tongue in cheek dialogue between Cain and his brand new character opponent. #BlackGirlMagic Nicieza attacked this book like an in-ring technician: no high flying or high risks maneuvers, just good wr…iting. 3/5 Brown Leather Bound Bibles (like Cain Marko’s Body Armor).

-Rob Maldonado

Adrian Garcia

Batman: Three Jokers continues rolling on, speeding toward an explosive conclusion. While issue one started off with a bang of a setup, Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok ease into the meat of the story, jumping off from last issue’s climatic ending.

The second issue is a slower burn than the first, having the ease of bringing the reader deeper into the insanity of multiple Jokers. While Johns creates a weighty book of exposition, you never feel stuck under quicksand by the amount of type on a page. He continue to explore the possibility of multiple Jokers while not falling for the notable cliche of multiple earths or parallel universes.

Fabok is easily is one of DC finest artists shouldering the workload and bringing Johns’ words, to life under his delicate pencil. The man can draw, bringing the story to shape. In his hands, each page hums with vivid detail and a brilliant carry-over design concept of Johns’ Doomsday Clock. Fabok use of six to nine-panel page layout continues in the tradition of Watchman. While others would suffer under such designs, Fabok’s work is simply delicious.

The second issue is brilliant, while a slower burn, Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok, deliver the goods on both art and writing. After waiting nearly five years for this story, the tale has been worth waiting for. 5/5 Bibles.

-Adrian Garcia

X of Swords: Creation #1 – Marvel
“Cardinal” Gary Brooks @ facebook.com/gary.brooks

Here we go again! It’s time for another reality bending, multi-dimensional X-Men crossover. The first official book in the X of Swords storyline has just dropped, and “Creation” is a doozie: 65 action-packed pages set up this 22 book crossover that spans the entire X-book line, and promises to change the status quo of all mutants forever.

As we all know by now, Mutant-kind as a new home on the island of Krakoa where all mutants are welcome and all past sins are forgiven. Krakoa is a living, breathing mutant shaped like an island, and at one point in time it was split in half by the Twilight Sword, thus becoming two islands. Krakoa’s sister island Arakko was lost in a great battle. During this time the ancient mutant Apocalypse sacrificed his wife, children and many mutants to stop a great evil from spilling into our dimension…

Now, Apocalypse has created a gateway — similar to the gates mutants have been using to travel to and from Krakoa — to the Otherworld dimension where Arakko the lost half of Krakoa has been all these years. After Banshee, Unus and the Summoner are sent to the other side to investigate, only Summoner and a mortally wounded Banshee return. With grave news, the Quiet Council decides to send another team of mutants including Havok, Beast and led by Apocalypse to assess the threat. Once there they find Apocalypse’s lost children and a threat like nothing the X-men have faced before.

It’s all a bit confusing at this point in the story, but apparently there are 10 powerful swords scattered across the Marvel Universe that 10 champions must wield to defeat this ancient enemy that threatens to destroy Krakoa and everything in their path. Chapter 1: Creation is brought to us by legendary world-builder Jonathan Hickman, Tini Howard and beautifully drawn by Pepe Larraz. There’s a lot to digest in the first chapter, but there’s no dobut that things will become clearer as the story unfolds. 4/5 X-Swords.

-Gary Brooks

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