WWE 2K16 [Podcast Review]: This Survivor Series was “Stone Cold”.

We’re baaaaaaack…


And we tend to say that often. After a bit of time off, your favorite Ringside Apostles — “Bishop” Richard Zom and “Monsignor” Travis Moody (sans the unfortunate absences of JD “The Belser”, “Sister” Shy, Guy “Padre” and Kenny “SuperKick”) — are back with a double dose of shows; first, we deliver our long-awaited WWE 2K16 review, and, of course, present our thoughts on the WWE’s annual Thanksgiving time tradition, Survivor Series.

Reasons why it took us almost a month to get you geeks a review of WWE 2K16:

  • A review copy arrived from 2K on the day of release.
  • WWE 2K is actually quite massive this year, with plenty of modes to dig into.
  • All of my save data (besides MyCareer) was deleted during a loading hiccup, and I had to set-up MyUniverse all over again — a mode I wanted put enough time into, to ensure a quality opinion.
  • Survivor Series seemed like the right time!

There’s been scores both high and low for 2K this year, so let the congregation know if you think we got it right!

Your Monsignor also had a bit of sound advice on a yearly WWE event that just hasn’t been the same since Undertaker’s debut 25-years ago. Survivor Series is a tradition that has seen its original format gone wayside, and I’ve got just the right solution to bring it back, and make it all work within the fed’s current parameters.

Listen up, Hunter.

Get on it, McMahon.

Shout “Yes! Yes! Yes!”, wrasslin’ fans!

We hope you enjoy both shows, and we’ll see you back here for Fastlane! Um, probably not! Royal Rumble? Oh, give us a HELL YEAH!!!

(Special thank you to “Brother” Myke Ladiona for the amazing post-production. We couldn’t do it without ya.)

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