A Toy Kinda Mood (Episode 169) – GI Joe Interview Fallout & Toxo-Viper Extinction!

It was the interview that rocked the G.I. Joe Nation and we’re entirely honored to have hosted the abso wonderful Lenny, Emily and Tony! We had the best time and major shout to all those who checked it out! That meant the WORLD to us. By now, almost every major Joe outlet has reported on the details, the name only’s, the Easter eggs — The Fallout. But, what about us? How do WE, at A Toy Kinda Mood, feel about the Hasbro Joe interview and what do WE think of it all?!?? (And that Nemesis Immortal leak too… ). And, maybe, just MAYBE, it’s time for a little toxicity of our own; time to call out those “fair use” loving Toxo-Vipers that plague the G.I. Joe Community, stealing content (such as said interview), not giving proper credit (or any), yada yada.. YADA. Yeah. We’re Skystriking on this one, kids – whether you the “People’s Choice”, or not. Oh, with that said, our vengeful selves are also celebrating the Revenge of the Sixth. We’re doing that in more ways than one with our Star Wars “May The Fourth” Hasbro Fanstream Review and assessment of all the preorders coming in hot from a galaxy far, far away. #gijoeclassified #gijoe #gijoecommunity