A Wrestling Figure News KINDA MOOD [Episode 1] – WWE Backlash France Wishlist!

It’s the premiere episode of “A Wresting Figure News Kinda Mood”! Yes, it’s Travis Moody from ATKM x Justin Kendall from the Wrestling Figure News Pod — in a new, bi-weekly audio/video podcast, piledriving the world of wrestling action figure news & reviews. In the first episode, the AWFNKM Cliq go over the onslaught of Ringside Collectibles’ WWE Elite, WWE Main Event and WWE Ultimate Editon preorders (that hurt Justin both financially and spiritually). Too many to handle! We also rank our fav pick-ups of the week — from the Jazwares Vault Ring of Honor drops to the newest WWE figures. Best of all, we make our picks for the best duds from today’s PLE — WWE Backlash France! So many great near gear choices. Be sure to let us know in the comments what your fav attire is from the event! #wrestlingfigures #wweelitesquad #wwebacklash Subscribe and follow Wrestling Figure News here: Website: http://www.wrestlingfigurenews.com Instagram:   / wrestlingdelorean85