A TOY KINDA MOOD [Episode 37]: SDCC Exclusives Wrap-Up!

You know it’s a big deal with both hosts, Travis and Bobby, join forces! And this time it’s no different, because SDCC 2021 has come and gone; and while Comic-Con is best known for its trailers, it’s also known for it Action Figure Goodness…

ATKM break down NECA and their TMNT Channel 6 playset, the Flash Gordan Vs Ming 2-pack, Walmart snagging bronze with their G.I. Joe classics and one-day shipping, Mattel going for silver with MOTU: Revelation Scareglow, WWE Sgt. Slaughter and Hot Wheels, a hard swing and a whiff by Target who just miss the podium, and MAFEX bringing the gold home with their Cyborg Superman and 84 Golden Armor Wonder Woman.

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