A TOY KINDA MOOD [Episode 49]: Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Marvel Legends.

In a galaxy far, far away, Travis and Ronny break down the Hasbro PulseCon 2021 Star Wars panel! The guys were busy, what with The Mandalorian, The Return Of The Jedi and The Vintage Collection toy dioramas!! Also, a new Haslab is announced!

Travis is back with co-host KJ to break down (FINALLY!) a G.I. Joe panel during PulseCon’s Day 2! And.. oh boy, was there a lot to go around in the G.I. Joe Classified line: Hasbro gave us some beautiful new figures including Outback, B.A.T.s, Python Patrol Vipers, Spirit Iron-Knife and — yes! — Storm Shadow. We knew we were getting PulseCon Exclusive Deluxe Zartan, so that wasn’t a shock; but we did get a new HasLab in the Retro Collection SkyStriker!

As we conclude the Hasbro PulseCon coverage, Bobby and friend of the show, K-Wish, break down the Pros and Cons of this week’s Marvel Legends Panel. While we did get a ton of goodies — Knull reveal, Iron Man, Captain America, and especially X-Men: The Animated Series Wolverine and Jubilee, etc. — there were also a few downsides that K-Wish delves into.

Did you really think that ATKM would do a Hasbro PulseCon ep and not have Travis and Bobby team up? Come on now, you know us better than that. Luckily, Hasbro dropped a Pulse Premium 1027 event where we got some dope G.I. Joe Classified figures like the Alley Viper and the Cobra Officer, then went to Marvel Legends and gave us an X-Men: TAS version of Mr. Sinister and a beautiful Iron Spider-Man.

Then, Pulse went to a galaxy far, far away and gave us some great Star Wars figures in Omega and Echo from the hit Disney+ show, The Bad Batch. And of course, what would a Con be without a HasLab drop in the form of a Ghostbusters Proton Pack from Ghostbusters: Afterlife. All these and more!

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