A TOY KINDA MOOD [Premiere Episode]: Target Practice.

You knew it was coming. With the quarantine driving people quite Bat-ty, us geeks have taken up new hobbies, rediscovered old ones, and have flat-out splurged on things just out of plain boredom. We’ve even started camping/fighting out in front of Target again…

A TOY KINDA MOOD [Premiere Episode]: Target Practice.

If that made you smirk or sigh, oh, you’re gonna love this. A Toy Kinda Mood is the latest GHG zoomcast– from a pair of not-so-propuh Bostonians, Travis Moody and Ronny Lecuyer. It’s all about toys, action figures and collectibles, and the various mood-swings we go through with this hobby!

This weekly show — just above! — will also spotlight all the major toy companies (from Funko to Super7) and brands (from Star Wars to Gundam), headlines (from Toy Fairs to Hasbro Pulse Cons), news/reviews/previews, trips down nostalgia lane, wishlists, and plenty of guests, too!

We thank you for checkin’ out the first episode ATKM. We hoped it.. put you in a good mood.

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