ATKM 174 – JoeFest 2024 SUPER Preview w/ 3DJoes, Toy Kennections & Ed Shumacher!

Following a 30-min “pre-show” with Moody, Tony & Baldy covering the latest on Hasbro’s Yo Joe June, gear up for JoeFest 2024 with none other than A Real American Toy Convention’s founder and showrunner — Ed Shumacher! Joining the guest list is GIJoe Community Hero, R Carson Mataxis (3DJoes), and our pal Ken from Toy Kennections, to speak on their roles at JoeFest with Operation: Recall and Delta-17, respectively. It’s a loaded line-up, with a **Special Day & Time — THURSDAY at 3:30pm PT/5:30 CT/6:30 EST** #JoeFest #GIJoe #3DJoes For more information on JoeFest 2024, visit