ATKM 175 – Is Marvel Legends Having a BETTER Year Than GI Joe Classified?

It’s the FINAL (*insert sad face emoji*) week of Yo Joe June, and Marvel Legends decided to crash the party with a Monday morning Fanstream. But, the bigger question: Is GI Joe Classified being OUTDONE by Marvel Legends in 2024? Is it even fair to compare? Our Fanstream reviews should be interesting… Moreover, we have Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi! Classified reviewing stalwart Shark Eyes Toy View joining us to break down this week’s Mad Marauders pre-orders, Cobra Stinger unboxing and official Nemesis Immortal reveal — in addition to that lucky bastard’s take on the most recent wave: Jinx, Doc, etc. #gijoeclassified #gijoe #marvellegends