Don’t admit you’re a nerd. It just means DOOM!

[audio:|titles=The Devil’s Rejects Song]Everyone these days wants to be a nerd. A dweeb. A geek.

It’s the new cool. Hell, I just got back from a hike with a hot chick complete with twin poodle dogs, pink hat and matching twinkle-dink SUV.

She told me geeks were cool. I’m watching “Green Lantern: The Animated Series” on my porch. With no shirt off. And a major sunburn the color of Peter Parker’s pajamas…


Regardless of the things we like, the way we look, the way we want to be portrayed.. we’re all just.. nerds. And we’re all.. just.. ready for the baddest fucking comic-hero-slash-sci-fizzile-slash-gunz-n-roses’-slash-featured-drunk-with-vicodin-vexed-wrasslin’-sketch-oh-shit-forgot-fantasy-graphic-novel-movie-slash-horrific-sketch-acting-slash-slashing-butt-chasing-youtube-shit-ever-slashers.

And your whole area.



16 Replies to “Don’t admit you’re a nerd. It just means DOOM!”

  1. Moody you are spot on with this one … I’m a jock and us athletes got all the girls in high school and college, but now you nerds are definitely getting your revenge. Job well done, sir!

  2. Sorry to hear you’re no longer getting laid, Errol. On the bright side, there’s always having the ability to throw a swifter left jab.

  3. The Way I see were all going to Hell anyway might as well enjoy the shit before the plunge into the abyss.

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