inFAMOUS: SECOND SON [Review]: It’s… SuperSonic.


Second Son is all about kicking the DUP straight out of Seattle. To do this you not only have to complete the main missions, but you have to decimate their foothold in the city. They have cameras, secret agents, security checkpoints, advertising and more just waiting for you to shoot, paint over (yeah, you’re a tagger!) and incinerate to your heart’s delight. Clearing out districts opens up fast travel locations and creates a DUP free safe zone for you to sit back and sip your Starbucks in. It’s also vitally important for you to hunt down the drones circling overhead as each one contains a blast shard used to buff up your crazy conduit skills.

Then there are all those wonderful clean pieces of wall hanging all around the city, just waiting for a tagger to speak their mind on. As with everything in the game, when you get to the tag spot you have a choice to either inspire or create fear. Whatever your choice, you get to create some incredible graffiti art. Getting 100% completion is actually easy in this game compared to others. All of these sub-activities are listed on the map for you, just waiting for you to get ’em. Hell, I did it twice.

All this for a cup o' joe.
All this for a darn cup o’ joe.


For the first time in the inFAMOUS series you get to tote around more than the power of electricity. As a matter of fact, you don’t even get electricity this time around. You start off with smoke. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Smoke! What the hell is that gonna do?” Some pretty epic damage, that’s what. You get to shoot #smokeballs, smoke missiles, and whip around a chain that can cause some serious damage to the DUP flunkies. You can also travel through vents to reach the tops of buildings in a flash.

Smoke not your thing? Hath no fear, parishioners, because Delsin shortly acquires a second power set… NEON! I know right, freaking neon powers — by far my favorite. With neon you can snipe enemies with disintegrating head shots from far off and run at the speed of light, even straight up buildings. Your chain even turns into what appears to be a lightsaber (blue if you’re a Hero, red if you’re inFAMOUS)! Players will also obtain the ability to call in angels and demons straight out of a video game, and shoot death rays out of your fingertips. And this is why those blast shards are important; each of these powers requires them for upgrades. The more you have, the more of a one man destructive force freak of nature total badass you get to be.

Faithful followers, look. This is the first true PS4 exclusive hit. If you have Sony’s next-gen console, this is the game you can’t miss. With endless hours of excitement waiting for you, why haven’t you bought this game already?

4 (out of 5) Cups of Starbucks.
4 (out of 5) Cups of Starbucks.







Sony’s inFAMOUS Second Son in stores now exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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