National Deadpool Day! Not the Hero we want, but the Scumbag we need! (And, some other guys in spandex and armor…)

Has the loneliness and withdrawals set in for a little ole High and Geek-holy LPH reviews yet?

No worries, because The Apostle is back! (Been shooting a movie in the back woods of Georgia that I’m sure — if you clicked this — you’re going to love.)

But enough about me and my tomfoolery. Let’s take a look at all things Marvel and see if the House that Stan built threw us something of worth the bible stack.

With a rip-roaring Fall of MarvelNOW issues released, this week spotlights Iron Man #1, Deadpool #1, the end of AvX: Consequences, Uncanny X-Force and not only myself, but Monsignor Moody’s personal love as well, X-Factor.

You know, the one without L.A. Reid.

With heavy releases in full swing, DC’s “New 52” appears more like a bad season of Whitney!

National Deadpool Day! Not the Hero we want, but the Scumbag we need! (And, some other guys in spandex and armor...)
Suppose Tony’s goin’ all UPS on us now.

Iron Man #1: Overall, a good book that picks up on a personal favorite story line from the past, Extremis. New writer Kieron Gillen begins his new run, following the release of the Extremis Armor serum by AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) to the highest bidder. With top notch writing by Kieron Gillen and amazing panel work by a personal favorite Greg Land (Moody’s Note: a lot of fanboys are going to chew you out, LP…Just sayin’.), the book offers more eye-candy than extras from “The Real Husbands of Hollywood”. Though, it’s baffling why Iron Man #527 ended the previous series with Tony heading to space — since that’s nowhere near where he darts throughout this lil’ shindig. The supposed word from Marvel? They sent our Beloved Boozing Corporate Ironed Out Man into space to one up Capt. Kirk for how many intergalactic babes he could notch on his repulser boots. Though there are hints of the Iron Space Man in the new Guardians of the Galaxy ongoing later next month, this writer has no problem settling in for Extremis II.

Deadpool #1: In Wade We Trust. Nothing sums up this great start to a new run then soon to be famous words, “Wade, you’re not the hero we want; you’re the scumbag we need!” Who better to have, than the Merc with the Mouth saving America from the presidents who made it! Wait.. what? Oh, I mean the undead reanimated corpses of our loving ex-presidents. (Just in time for this Friday’s release of Lincoln.) If Captain America ever worries his panties away, ‘Pool is just the right type of heroic carnage we need. Despite the writers only having one comic to their credit, the humor and original Walking Dead artist Tony Moore’s art is enough to snatch back the fans who’ve missed the classics by Joe Kelly.

National Deadpool Day! Not the Hero we want, but the Scumbag we need! (And, some other guys in spandex and armor...)
4 (out of 5) Bibles. Deadpool hasn’t been this funny in a really long time. While a bit “out there” as far as plot — hey, it’s a Poolbook — the series still has serious potential in making sense with the rest of the Marvel U.












AvX – Consequences #5: If you’re familiar with my previous articles, then there’s no surprise I’m dealing with a lackluster of love for what brother Cyclops went through with the whole Dark Phoenix Cyclops Saga a.k.a. Avengers vs. X-Men. Somehow, Gillen has swerved my vote: Scott “Cyclops” Summers had just hit a new level of cool! The heavy intrigue with the outcome of these “consequences” is wondering whether this will turn Cyclops and his merry band of mutants to baddies or back to goodies. Or, more apropos, like Scott nails at the end — mutant life business as usual. Now, I’m extremely excited for “The All New X-Men” and what his future will hold with…the past in the future!?!?! A little hint with out spoiling (as if I didn’t already spoil enough), what if teenager ‘Clops looked in the mirror and saw Magneto? There’s no surprise that, despite this “save,” darker days approach for the Mutants. And I love it.

National Deadpool Day! Not the Hero we want, but the Scumbag we need! (And, some other guys in spandex and armor...)
Even alternate universe characters watch “True Blood.” WHY!

Uncanny X-Force #33: Ricky Remender just can’t go wrong. But if you don’t already know by now then why the hell you reading? (Or not reading, rather?) It’s just an amazement to see what Remdawg does with an “evil” Nightcrawler; he actually grows a pair, and had no problem killing bunny rabbits! Heyy, what’s up, Doc? In all seriousness, Uncanny X-Force #33 continues one of Marvel’s best storylines in years, that started way back with Angel getting his wings clipped. The newly created, even more evil, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants has kidnapped Kid Apocalypse and only Wolvie and his nearly beaten X-Force can save him. It’s going to take a lot for even the bloodthirsty black ops crew of mutants to go more evil than these bad boys.

X-Factor #246: The love that I have for the house that Peter David built is unending. I just wanted to share that. This is still one of the best written books on the market and I hope it never changes. Issue 246 picks up after last issue’s end of “Breaking Points”, and gives us a fun story of all things Pip the Troll. Who by the way after reading this issue makes you love him even more.

The SIN Bin: With Kevin Smith’s twin brother Jonathan Hickman coming to New Avengers and Avengers next month, both titles are whimpering out without a fight. Avengers #33 deals with the maybe-return of Wasp who’s been stuck in the micro-verse, another oh-so-genius idea from Brian Michael Bendis…. New Avengers #32 has the return of Brother Voodoo and his anger of being forgotten or just written out since it’s quite apparent that he’s either A.) The WWE’s Ron “The Truth” Killings, or B.) A reject from the Silver Age flea market penny bins. Another mention goes out to Avengers Academy, which ends a solid run with a graduation and unsurprising hookups. A bus pass is OK with this one. I promise.

The road for NOW will get even iller with All-New X-Men and X-Men Legacy striking lcstands across the nation next week.

Keep it Geek-Easy!

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  1. Hey it’s another badly extueecd event by Mr Bendis Just add it to his ever-growing list of event flops.I really wasn’t expecting much from it, just as I wasn’t expecting much from Stupid Invasion (Marvel execs even warned us going in, that SI was just a lead-in to another bigger event ).Nearly all of these so-called events seem to pan out to feel like massive wastes of time and comic-buyer money. The only recent Marvel events that have borne any fruit are those of the cosmic sort And Mr B has nothing to do with those Interesting.

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