RINGSIDE APOSTLES [Podcast]: ‘Reign’ing in on the Royal Rumble!

So, it took the RAW after the RAW after the PPV (do we still even call those big monthly wrestling events that anymore?) to apologize for the travesty that was the Royal Rumble main event.

Leave it up to our Ringside Apostles, “The Bishop” Richard Zom and “Saint SuperKick” Kenny Sanders to lay the smacketh down on the WWE’s rootie pooh candy asses. Also, since our Apostles weren’t able to join us for our otherwordly. ungodly Best of 2014 Video Games Show, the Legion of Doom give their picks for best video games of last year and beyond.

Click the pic below to listen!!!


Or, be sure to DOWNLOAD the podcast here, via MediaFire.

Til next time, say your prayers, take your vitamins and do your DDP Yoga.


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