THE E3ODUS [E3 2019 Preview]: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – Breakpoint.

THE E3ODUS [E3 2019 Preview]: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon - Breakpoint.
“Dangerous Disciple” Dan Witt


(Ubisoft Paris – X1, PS4, PC – October 4, 2019) – Ghost Recon’s previous entry, Wildlands was an open world update to the tried and true “Ghost” franchise. Met with much criticism from hardcore GR fans, Wildlands re-envisioned the way the Ghost Squad operates, taking away the linear missions that were structured around story, and giving way to an overarching narrative where the player sandboxes their way through the world.

I was all for this change, though, having loved the freedom that Wildlands offered. Whether that led to being incredibly surgical and sniping my adversaries from long distance and marking close range targets for my squad to take out, or going loud with a heavy machine gun and calling in mortars/local firepower, I could, and it was lovely either way. Breakpoint looks to add a whole new depth to the Ghost Recon experience.

Aside from customization details (bloused boots– truly essential, I might add), Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is looking to up the ante in terms of player immersion and realism. Breakpoint boasts a deep overhaul in enemy AI, making foes patrol in a more random fashion as opposed to a predictable pattern. Players also must forage for items to craft for med kits, upgrades, and other essentials. Routine weapons checks are also implemented, one must upkeep their weapons to ensure they’re working properly.

Finally, taking a page out of the Predator franchise, Breakpoint allows the player to muddy themselves up to conceal themselves from enemies. The idea is to make the player feel as if they are not the most ruthless, badass operator on the planet. Use of nuance, skill, and tactics are required to get you through the fictional island of Aurora’s landscape, and I for one, can’t wait to try.

-Dan Witt

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