THE GEEKDOM GAMESCAST [Season 2, Episode 12]: Ghost of Tsushima.

There are a zillion video game podcasts out there, but this particular episode of The Geekdom Gamescast definitely dives deeper than just the game itself.

With Ghost of Tsushima inspired by so much more than games (like Tenchu, Assassin’s Creed, and the like), it was an easy call for your hosts Myke Ladiona and Travis Moody to call upon Dan Witt to join us for a wonderful chat. We explore GoT‘s intriguing blend of Japanese culture/history, classic Kurosawa/modern Samurai film, Mongolian/Genghis Khan lore, the comics of Usagi Yojimbo — and even how the game even had a moment that reminded Moody of the Wu-Tang Clan!

Oh, just watch our Ghost of Tsushima spoilercast already– if you already finished the story, of course. We don’t refrain back from spewing all the red juice.

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