TRANSFORMERS [Special Event]: Autobots Roll Out for 15th Anniversary!

Last night was the fifteenth anniversary of the theatrical release of the Michael Bay/ Steven Spielberg Transformers film from Paramount Studios, Dreamworks Pictures and of course, Hasbro. The 2007 film was a blockbuster that catapulted stars like Josh Duhamel, Shia LaBeouf, and Megan Fox. Other notables are (one of my favorite comedians of all time) Bernie Mac, Tyrese Gibson, Jon Voight, Anthony Anderson, and John Turturro…

For an 80’s kid, the best part is that Optimus Prime himself voices the character in the film. Everyone that watched Transformers — be the cartoon or the movie — can remember the voice of Peter Cullen. GeeksHaveGame was invited by Hasbro to attend a VIP Tour and a theatrical filming of the 2007 Transformers film the Thursday of the anniversary. Paramount Studios hosted the VIP tour prior to the viewing of the film at the LA Live Regal Theaters. For the record, the over-the-top blockbuster still holds today.

The afternoon began with a tour of the Paramount Studios lot. It was an insightful tour with relevance to current shows in production but also in the history of production from everything in the lot. I can’t say too much, otherwise, you as a reader would get the VIP Studio Tour treatment and my experience would diminish. That is the truth. The tour was amazing and a build-up to the pinnacle of the day. Myself and my fellow tourists were treated to an on-set visit as well as a drive through the lot. Most notably was ending where the party had begun. There were viewings of props from the 2007 Transformers film through the franchise, not to mention the table spread: chef’s kiss.

Moving on… The Optimus Prime vehicle found its home alongside Bumblebee on the studio lot and that day was the retirement party for the diesel. With all the props and the viewings, it’s clear to the eye why Transformers are loved by Paramount Studios and Hasbro is keeping the legacy in-tact and alive. The end of the tour ended with a meet and greet, and a speech from Cullen. Let’s just say it had to do with Prime and Megatron talking to Michael Bay. 

Meeting Optimus Prime is no small feat, making that anniversary meaningful; especially for those all too familiar to Cullin’s voice. Following the meet with Pete, was a screening of the Transformers at Regal Cinema. After the Hasbro and Paramount party, the film viewing was opened with the film crew and actors. But it was Bay who stood out describing the scene of Scorponok attacking the troops, which led to the introduction of the film. In the end, the event was a success, with the 15th Anniversary of Transformers incorporating new behind-the-scenes footage and a straight bang of a new introduction. Autobots roll out.

GeeksGaveGame would like to thank Paramount Studios, Hasbro, LA Live and Regal Theaters and watch Transformers on PlutoTV.

-Frank Simonian