X-MEN – THE TRIAL OF MAGNETO #1 [Review]: The Usual Suspect.

X-MEN - THE TRIAL OF MAGNETO #1 [Review]: The Usual Suspect.
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X-MEN - THE TRIAL OF MAGNETO #1 [Review]: The Usual Suspect.
TRIAL OF MAGNETO #1 – Marvel Comics

M is for Murder!

Well…that escalated quickly! What do we know so far? There’s been a murder on Krakoa during the Hellfire Gala. The victim is none other than Wanda Maximoff, and the prime suspect seems to be a mutant with the ability to manipulate metal! Say what? As X-Factor and X-Force carefully piece together the strange events that claimed the Scarlet Witch’s life, a shocking revelation comes to light and a choice must be made that will shake Krakoa to its core.

This is a very sound story written by Leah Williams; her work on X-Factor was really enjoyable, and this is a perfect follow-up. She is really showing herself to be a force to recon with in the X-books. Trust, we can all look forward to her weaving a compelling and tense murder mystery that may very well change mutantdom forever.

X-MEN - THE TRIAL OF MAGNETO #1 [Review]: The Usual Suspect.

So far what we’ve seen from artist Lucas Werneck is scintillating work, and this issue is no different. He has a beautiful style that’s easy to follow and is very kinetic. Even though this issue is fairly toned down in the explosive action department, that doesn’t stop the panels from jumping of the page– also partial to the exceptional color-work of Edger Delgado’s. Clearly Werneck and Leah have great chemistry when it comes to making the pages really come alive.

As we mourn the loss of the X-Factor book and Wanda Maximoff, we can take solace in the promise of something truly special in the pages of The Trial of Magneto. 5/5 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃

-Gary Brooks

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