BLOODSHOT [ECCC 2019]: Sparking $&*% Up Like A ‘Diesel’ Truck!

Before Vin Diesel blazes through the box office as Bloodshot in Sony Pictures’ upcoming feature film, Valiant Entertainment announces a new BLOODSHOT ongoing series from an all-star creative team, debuting in September.

BLOODSHOT [ECCC 2019]: Sparking $&*% Up Like A 'Diesel' Truck!

Expect lots of “bad-ass” action from Bloodshot — the unstoppable supersoldier trapped in a never-ending war — written by Tim Seeley (Revival) and featuring artwork by Brett Booth (Teen Titans). Declan Shalvey (Return of Wolverine) will illustrate covers for the series.

Once, he was the perfect living weapon, created to follow orders. Now, Bloodshot works alone, using his lethal skills to protect those who cannot protect themselves. But a mysterious and powerful organization is watching, and they’re not about to let something as dangerous as Bloodshot remain free…

BLOODSHOT [ECCC 2019]: Sparking $&*% Up Like A 'Diesel' Truck!

“I don’t feel like I need to reinvent the wheel with Bloodshot,” said Seeley. “What I need to do is tell a BIG, CRAZY story that can only be done in comics, and I need it to be powerful and emotional and relevant in a way only comics can do.”

Seeley plans to take a fun and fast-paced approach with Bloodshot. “I want to go back to basics and tell a story about a guy who was made to be a weapon but isn’t allowing anyone to use him ever again. He’s an outcast, an outsider, and he can’t help but use his indestructible body to help people, even though all it ever does is get him in trouble. With great power comes a great big pile of shell casings!”

BLOODSHOT [ECCC 2019]: Sparking $&*% Up Like A 'Diesel' Truck!

Booth spoke about how he’s having a blast with Seeley’s script. “I’ve been looking for a project I could really cut loose on,” Booth expressed. “The first issue is pretty nuts. It gets right to the action, which I love, and then sets up the rest of the story. It’s a great jumping-on point.”

Seeley also explained why Booth’s art is the perfect fit for the book. “His style synthesizes what ’90s comic book artists figured out—how to do big, cool action comics that look visceral and powerful. That melds perfectly with my approach to this book.”

Valiant is set to distribute free copies of a brand-new BLOODSHOT short story by Seeley with artwork by Tomás Giorello and Diego Rodriguez on Free Comic Book Day (May 4, 2019) through participating retailers. The story leads into the new series.

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