GEEKDOM GAMESCAST [Episode 37]: Mass Effect Returnal.

The 2021 Video Game Big Bang has occurred and Captain Myke Ladiona and Lt. Cmdr. Travis Moody are here to navigate you through their thoughts on what they’ve been playing since. This episode’s destinations will be the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition planet, the fourth moon of Returnal, and a bonus trip to the holodeck to witness MLB: The Show 21

Of course, we will be taking evasive maneuvers around any spoilers. If you do not have your galactic passports to any specific destination, here are the temporal coordinates to warp directly to the topic of your choosing:

Temporal Coordinates (Time Stamps):

1:50 Mass Effect Legendary Edition First Impressions
25:25 Returnal First Half Review
36:12 MLB The Show 21 Review

Outro shoutouts:

52:09 Resident Evil Village
55:40 Rachet and Clank Rift Apart

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