GHG Presents… THE WILD BRUNCH [Podcast, S01E02]: Chekhov’s Sledgehammer.

Listen up, Internet — it’s Episode 2 of THE WILD BRUNCH. Say what? You missed our hit debut, when the likes of frosted flake-crusted-french-toast met the one Chappie? My western omelette could only take so much…

But here’s your second chance. It’s two dudes — two really neat dudes — talking about movies. You’d be at a loss not to join “The Vicar” ALEX GRADET and “Father” JOE TOWER this time, as we reflect on the mega-smash Furious 7.

Oh, there’s actually a lot more to analyze here than than fast cars and fast women. And fast rapping celebrities and GROOOOOOOOOT…


Here’s the idea: once a month or so, we (that’s Alex Gradet and Joe Tower) will go see a movie, then go out to brunch afterward, and talk about it. Their conversations will be discursive, meandering rambles that we’ll then edit down to a tight 30-minutes of your time. (This one’s 50+, but it’s only our second ep — we’ve got some setting up to do).

Got any thoughts on Furious 7, or our show? Feel free to drop us a line @wildbrunchpod and give us hell for not agreeing with your adrenaline-loving behind that #FF7 is the best of the bunch.

Hey– that reminds me: Enjoy your brunch!

If the above SoundCloud application isn’t working for ya, feel free to stream/download the cast through mediafire.

We’ll catch you next time, for AGE OF ULTRON!

"2 dope boys in a... Hatchbaaaaack."
“2 dope boys in a… Hatchbaaaaack.”