GRAND THEFT AUTO V [Podcast]: It’s a 1-8-7 on a Next-Gen Console!!!

You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve read the reviews. GTA V is undoubtedly the best in the legendary video game series. But, shit…is it the greatest game of all time? Does it fair to the PS3’s mega-hit of 2013, The Last of Us? What exactly seperates this open-world sandbox shooter from the rest?

Allow GodHatesGeeks to settle alladat.

I know SOMEBODY around here stole my goddam Fruity Pebbles!!!

With featured radio guest, hip-hop emcee “The Deacon E” himself, Esko, in the house — or on the Hollyhood roof, to be more exact — there’s no doubt this Grand Theft Podcast is about to get heavy. Joining him is our resident gamer, the “Reverend” Jose Rivera, “Monsignor” Travis Moody, and even a special appearance by the wrestling “Bishop” Richard Zom.

Get your swag right, your whip tuned, and your clips ready, cause this is one Tinseltown podcast you don’t want to miss (other than the annoying patio umbrella rocking in the wind, but fuggit, yo!).

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If the above Soundcloud isn’t working, download the GTA V Podcast here, or stream it live through mediafire here.

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V, for the Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3, in stores now.