RINGSIDE APOSTLES [WrestleMania XXXI Podcast]: “Suplex City, Bitch!”

Let’s get this out of the way real fast: WrestleMania XXXI (a.k.a. WrestleMania 31) lived up to the hype. If you watched the “grand-daddy of them all” this past Sunday, then you witnessed just about every living legend in the history of wrestling make an appearance. Now, did all of this constitute into a combination of great entertainment and good wrestling?

That’s what we’re here to debate.

Yes. The Ringside Apostles are back! Newer and fresher than ever, we’ve got a new member on our side– and, whaddya know, it’s a female. Our very first gal to call herself a “Ringside Apostle” is none other than Shy Janine, our “Padress”. She joins the trusty “Monsignor” Travis Moody, “Saint SuperKick” Kenny SandersĀ (via Satellite), the always vibrant Bri “Bella”, and your host with the most, “Bishop” Richard Zom.

(from L to R): Zom, Shy, Kenny, Bri, Moody.
(from L to R): Zom, Shy, Kenny, Bri, Moody.

Sorry, Padre, we had to do it.

In this episode, not only do we go over all the action at Levi Stadium, we also debate the cost of shows, the impact spectacle has over actual wrestling, the NXT push, the “legend” factor, and more. Yes! Yes! Yes!


If the above SoundCloud app isn’t working for ya, feel free to stream or download the Slamcast via MediaFire.

It’s one of our best yet, and this episode could not have been done without the editing prowess of “Brother” Myke Ladiona! See you all next month for EXTREME RULES!

#SuplexCity, Bitch!
#SuplexCity, Bitch!

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