The ‘Sixteen’ Chapel: 16 graphic reasons… [Part 1]

…to get into comics without being all super, and shit.

It’s hard not to notice the lengthier lines at the local comic shop since the birth of the cinematic Avengers. Sure, Marvel’s outstanding blockbuster may already be worthy of classic status. But you don’t have to start grabbing floppies due to a few neat guys and two gals in tights alone. There have been some tremendous stories-with-pictures in the past 30-years or so, and you’ll instantly recognize a few or so of these creator-owned graphic novels (and/or its title series) on the forthcoming list. And everyone loves listsssss, right!?

Visiting hours are short, so I’ll try my darnest to keep it brief in Part 1:


You forgot the bread.


Regardless of its “tasteful” content, Layman’s take on an FDA squeeze turn cannibal cop is a whole chicken roast worth of fun. With wonderful sketches from super-nice-guy-with-a-super-sick-mind Rob, the quality continues a healthy digestion. Showtime was meddling with the idea of a half-hour take on “Chew” — and if you’re concerned — just look at the success of “Dexter.”







...and that's what you get for watching "Girls."


Ennis had the greatest run on Punisher ever, so why not essentially put together five Punishers who aim to take down asshole super “heroes”: capes who abuse their gifts and do whatever the damn hell they please. And, yup, that’s Simon Pegg on the bottom right, or at least an awfully great model. Pegg is unironically rumored to play Wee Hughes in a future adaptation…but recently had second thoughts of being too old. Don’t we all.









They told me everyone in LA drove!!

Now this is a book all children should love. Unfortunately, our great group of parents and guardians at this fine parish won’t allow it. You see, all of our favorite fairy tale and folklore fautors grew up. And, I mean, they really grew up. Snow White and Prince Charming do the damn divorce thing early on, while Bigby Bad Wolf, Bunyan and countless others explore genre stories widely adored with their sister capes. And a shame that “Once Upon a Time” was developed instead of this. NBC dropped the ball? No way.







"Showcases an impeccably precise take on Alan Moore interviews..."

This nifty little read (572 dense pages later) probably deserves a higher spot in our Chapel. But, I don’t want Alan gluttoning himself with anymore glory than he needs. Hell, I probably made up that word.. but Alan basically made up all of life as we know it. It’s just a shame this biblical dedication to Jack the Ripper couldn’t even be saved by Johnny Depp. (Definitely worth 3 inches of your library space, though. Ugh.).







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