TITANFALL [Review]: Prepare to.. Drrrrrrrrrropp!!


Oh my God those Challenges! 960 of them to be exact, and you’ll be unlocking them in spades. I found myself reaping points left and right, completing about eight or nine challenges per match, all aiding in the experience crusade to reach Gen. 10 pilot status. Every weapon, attack, movement and even dropping a Titan on a hapless victim bring you ever closer to those glorious, level-upping experience points and it’s an absolute joy to work towards those goals.

Challenges are only going to be as fun as the weapons you get to use though, right? Most definitely, so let’s get into some hardcore TitanTalk.

Where your pilot weapons are extra-cool, with the likes of the Smart Pistol snubbing grunts like it’s nobody’s damned business and the Mag Cannon literally slamming Titans with magnetized grenades, it’s the hulking, badass, walking tanks that put Titanfall in a league of its own. Choosing from three types of mech (Atlas, Strider or Ogre), you take your Titan into battle after your build time hits zero, opting for either speed, power, or defense. Aside from class perks, these Titans can also be weaponized with both primary and secondary, with multiple combinations of gatling gun, grenade, homing missile, lightning, or plasma guns and the complimentary vortex shield at your disposal.

Lucy in the Skyyyy with...Pterodactyls.
Lucy in the Skyyyy with…Pterodactyls.

Every Titan also gets a special core ability, either damage, defense or speed (kinda makes me feel like Oprah. “YOU GET A DAMAGE CORE! YOU GET A DAMAGE CORE! EVERYBODY GETS A TITAAAAAN!”). Using a combo of shields and replenishing dashes, Titans can avoid the inevitable barrage of firepower their metal asses are just begging for (or an impromptu rodeo by a sneaky pilot), and can even get in for some close-quarters melee action. It’s especially exciting when you’ve doomed a Titan and go in for a Mortal Kombat-esque finishing move– rip the pilot out of the smoldering steel and slam him to the pavement.

Yup. This Atlas is charging double.

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