TITANFALL [Review]: Prepare to.. Drrrrrrrrrropp!!


Titanfall has a bunch of multiplayer modes, with Respawn Entertainment putting their own spin on classics such as Capture the Flag, Hardpoint (a domination mode where you need to hold points A, B and C) and good ol’ Team Deathmatch, re-branded as Attrition, where the kills count toward your team’s Attrition pool. There are also some new multiplayer variants making their rounds, with the likes of Last Titan Standing, a mode where you need to be the only surviving mech, and Pilot Hunter, where kills toward a win only count if you mow down a pilot.


The sheer scale of the available maps are impressive, as they need to be in order to support a fair fight. Buildings are spaced out just right, and there are enough large expanses of land so a pilot can’t always play hidey-hole and make a fight feel one-sided. There is always an opportunity for both Titan and pilot to create a great strategy on the fly to take down the other guy, and that’s where the maps really shine. You can always go in with a battle plan, but what about that bastard who just spawned with a Titan 100-yards away? He wasn’t supposed to be in the way of your flag capture!

You can easily adjust your strategy, because nothing is a linear path (nothing is real, everything is permitted!)– wall run, cloak yourself, jetpack up to the Titan’s back and rodeo the shit outta that bull; you can do pretty much anything, and deaths never get aggravating. Any death I’ve experienced truly was my own fault, and that’s a hard feat to achieve in a multiplayer game where people are wont to blame the asshole with the shotty.

(Final thoughts — and Bible score — on next page!)