GHOST RECON – WILDLANDS (Beta) / RWBY – GRIMM ECLIPSE [Reviews]: Rainbow Division.

GHOST RECON - WILDLANDS (Beta) / RWBY - GRIMM ECLIPSE [Reviews]: Rainbow Division.
Felipe “The 3rd Deacon” Crespo

Welcome to my first (mini) review of the new year.. Are you excited? Rhetorical question. I know you are. Because I know you’ve been wondering “Ghost Recon: Wildlands looks cool.. But is it a day one? What if it ends up like The Division?” Sure, I loved that other Tom Clancy venture at launch; but after the updates, I’d take away a bible or two after all the screw ups… Anyway, I’m here to answer your questions. Mostly.

“Is it like The Division?” Yessssehnnnoo? While those familiar will feel at home, some things that should be here from TD are not (no snap cover or moving from cover to cover?! Leaving a button pressed to just run forward and leap over obstacles), which really surprised me.

Create a character is somewhat expanded but in only a very small way. Seriously, lower those expectations. I honestly shouldn’t have told you anything; just look at my characters from TD and Wildlands. No, it’s not a character import feature. On the other hand, it’s visually beautiful. Not surprising, really, whether you love or hate Ubisoft, they’re always able to create fantastic worlds.

“How does it play, handsome giant?” I’ll tell you. Don’t expect to be emptying clips into enemies and seeing hundreds of thousands of numbers pop up until they drop. A few well placed shots or a headshot, and they’re dead. And now, my favorite things: stealth/team coordination, and skills. The branching skills tree is the most RPG-like feature in the game. With tons of options to choose and different types of materials you have to gather in order to upgrade what you want.

Better, the stealth feels like it really matters. Given how damage works in the game, you can die relatively easily (and you’re only allowed one revive from your teammates once per fight, so there goes that crutch). Thus, scouting an area and tagging enemies–be it with the sniper scope, drone, or binoculars–is critical before going in and deciding what orders to give your squad mates and/or rebel backup… It kinda makes you feel like Jack Bauer or Sam Fisher, which is always a plus.

“Felipe.. Is this a day one purchase? If I don’t like it, will you help me get my money back?” First off, duh. I will absolutely help you get your money back*. Second.. I don’t know. I put in some time in and really enjoyed it, but after The Division fiasco and Ubisoft’s spotty launches, it’s hard to tell. I’d have to say “no” to it being day one purchase.

… Even though I’m giving this 3.5/5 Bibles.

GHOST RECON - WILDLANDS (Beta) / RWBY - GRIMM ECLIPSE [Reviews]: Rainbow Division.
“Saint” Timothy Markham

The popular anime created by Rooster Teeth has officially been brought into the video game world. If you are a fan of the series, then RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is for you! Otherwise, leave it on the shelf. The game music sounds fantastic and the character selection adds more levels to the game, but the positives stop there. The surrounding scenery had a very simplified look that didn’t keep me distracted very long from the mind-numbing button mashing that comes from this hack-and-slash game. At first I applauded the immediate combat that brought you into conflict within seconds of starting the game. But that first bit of excitement quickly turned to boredom as time went on.

You play as characters from the show, going through challenges trying to defeat enemies called Grimm. These characters level up individually and start to accrue “Skill Points” that you are then able to turn around and spend on upgrades to that character’s abilities. Unfortunately, there are very little options available to upgrade. After each attempt to beat a level, you are loaded back to the level selection screen where you can change characters (allowing you to test out several of the character options).

The overall gameplay of the game was very glitchy and I found myself dying to bugs. Whether that was caused by my character getting stuck on spaces where they should not have gotten caught (i.e. random curbs/rocks that stick out of the ground too high), Grimm’s attacks hitting farther than their range should be (melee attacks hitting even though no contact was made) and, admittedly not a glitch but equally annoying, enemies being able to block every single attack coming their way which leads to fights taking longer than they probably should.

Also, the game was very spam-happy. I noticed when using Blake, I could just spam my ranged attack which causes the enemies to become dazed for around 5 seconds. A few final criticisms about this game include the horrible voice acting that made me cringe every time anyone spoke, a map that was very simplistic not leaving any room for wandering around and getting lost and the very dumbed down story mode that could not capture my attention for more than 3 chapters.

1/5 Scantily Dressed Cartoon Females Agree.

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