THE GEEKDOM GAMESCAST [Episode #1]: E3 2018 Pre-Show!

Well, hello there. Welcome to the very first episode of The Geekdom Gamescast, a new monthly Moody Joint in cooperation with The Geekdom Fancast‘s Myke Ladiona. This is something we both podcast vets have always wanted to do, so why not start with a BANG: GHG’s E3 2018 Preview Show.

(The podcast will be arriving to GodHatesGeeks’ iTunes channel shorty, but you can also download this episode HERE!)

In this premiere ep, your host “Brother” Myke & “Monsignor” Moody go over what they’re playing currently, the best games of 2018’s first half, hot gaming trends, and, of course, E3 2018, breaking down the show by each publisher press conference and showroom booth. If you love games, these geeeeeeeeeeekss have them ALL covered.


Enjoy the show, and keep gaming. 🎮

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